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Re: Peavey Vypyr 30

I don't know about the Vypyr 30, but I would sift through this ebay search for some candidates. Then ask opinions here and do a search for particular amps on youtube to see how they sound. I would also ping the video author to see what they like about the amps.

tube amp | eBay

Also Orange, Vox and Marshall have some tube amps for at or under $200. Try them here to get an idea of price and again I would ask opinions and check out youtube videos to hear how they sound.

Orange Amplifiers Combo Amplifiers | Musician's Friend

Marshall Combo Amplifiers | Musician's Friend

Vox Combo Amplifiers | Musician's Friend

Here's everything that Musician's Friend has at or under $200 - you can sort the column on the left for specific vendors

Combo Amplifiers | Musician's Friend

Good luck!
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