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Re: Edwards 112 vs 130

We aren't talking about all Eddies vs Navs Chris. Just making a comment about my Pure Material. It's not a Navigator, nor did I say it was, but the PM was not built in China, and it's spec sheet reads much like a lower model Nav.

1 pc. Mahogany back, Hand Carved Solid Maple Top, Top Spec ESP Hardware, built entirely in Japan. I've played the PM alongside a newer Navi 480 and while the Nav was a slightly more premium spec guitar, sound and playing wise, the PM held it's own in resonance and tone.

It's not a meaningful conversation though for the OP as the chances of finding 1 of the 31 PMs made isn't that great anyway. I would still say the 130 is a great guitar though and worth it on the budget.
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