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Re: Edwards 112 vs 130

Originally Posted by Drew224 View Post
Personally, were I to get a 112, I'd be replacing the bridge pup with another Duncan '59 or chucking both pickups for something boutique. With a 130, I'd probably leave it alone.
The 112 has a super high output bridge pickup. Bad call on that, imo...
i'm actually liking it a lot. you're referring to the seymour duncan JB. its got an awesome growl to it and it very harmonic. not suited for soft stuff, but really kills when playing the hard stuff. its a pikcup i would keep the 250k pots with, 500k pots would really make it sharp and trebly.

i'd like to keep the JB and replace the 59 from the neck with something else. maybe a seth lover, or a lollar imperial. and then use a 500k pot with that.
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