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Re: Edwards 112 vs 130

1400$ is a fair price for an edwards, the guitars are very good. but i would try to buy one used, possibly off a MLP member for much less, the gear page is also a good place to check, i had a few leads there too. a fair used price for a 130 would be 800 to 1000$. depending on condition.

all the 130s i've seen were very light weight guitars. that definitely translates to tone. a lighter guitars yields a lighter tone, a 7.5lbs guitars will sounds less bassy then a 11lbs les paul custom. so take that into consideration. my edwards is just over 8lbs which for me is a nice weight. always find out how much these guitars weight because edwards tend to be very light.

the 130s also have seymour duncan antiquity pickups which are considered top of the line. they're hand wound. the 112 has mass produced Seymour duncans (which are still very good). these pickups alone retail for just under 300$

the 130s also have slight relicing going on and are all nitro. this makes them look very accurate to the les pauls of the 50s.

there was a 130 on ebay a week ago for 1000$ used and in very good shape. it didn't sell, it will probably be relisted for slightly cheaper. you should keep an eye out for that over the next few days. it was a lemondrop

also keep an eye on the MIJ classifieds section. and just generally comment and mention that you're looking for one of these, someone might take notice and offer to sell you their's. that's how i bought mine.
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