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Re: LOWEST Orange prices on the web... GUARANTEED

Originally Posted by lanelec View Post
what cab would you use with rockerverb 50
Honestly, I have used my old Rockerverb 50 with many cabs. Pretty much everything from Orange, as well as some old Marshall cabs that my friends had at the time. As much as people like to hate on Vintage-30s on the internet, bar-none, most of the Orange heads greatly benefit from a V30-4x12 or 2x12. I am partial to the PPC4x12 myself, but if that is too big for what you want, the PPC2x12 is also awesome.

That being said, I have also used the Orange PPC1x12 cab as well, and that was great for low-volume playing. Loudly, they can get kind of boxy. But, I don't really think those were built with the intentions of having higher-wattage heads being played through them.

I would also highly recommend the Dr.Z Z-Best 2x12. I would almost say that this is probably my favorite 2x12 cab. From me, or anybody else they sell for around $800. These are loaded with a G12H-30 and a Vintage-30. I know that is contradicting to my previous statement to an extent, but those cabs just rule and that speaker combo is fantastic with anything. Very versatile, also cool because they have the ability to sit upright and the Orange heads will fit on them that way (although, slightly hanging over the side).
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