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Re: A slice of Americana - Made in China

Originally Posted by stinkfoot View Post
If you plan to visit the famous Alamo in San Antonio, TX, which is considered the “most popular tourist site in Texas," you can take home a piece of American history from their gift store that’s …Made in China?

Nothing says “Remember the Alamo” quite like MADE IN CHINA junk.

No real surprise, since it appears that most of the items for sale by the National Parks Service in their gift shops are made in China.

COMMENTARY: Searching for Authentic America | American Made Alliance
That's like buying a Chinese-made American flag. It ain't capitalism... it's riding the labor market to the absolute bottom, and giving our country away. Funny how Communism was always such a bad word, until it meant cheap **** you can buy at Wal Mart and Target.

Apologies to all Epi Chinese owners, because they do seem to make some great geetars these days. Of course, everything doesn't have to be made there.

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