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Re: "The official MLP Rist Guitars build thread"

I have heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words, not the case with these pictures.

What are we viewing here? It just looks like wood!

It needs a story;

First off, This is Very old Brazilian Rosewood estimated at about 75 years old.

This is the stuff I have been hoarding for 20 some years.

When special Guests would come by the shop, if they were allowed to hang out for more than an hour, and came with beer, this stash of wood would come out.

We would drool and go ooh and ahh, then back in the box it would go.

I had bought a chunk from an old furniture maker who said he had this board for about 40 years from what he remembered.

It was twice as long as what you see in the picture and was a pretty thick chunk.

At the time, my band saw had busted, so I had no way of cutting up the board.

I made a deal with MAX, that if he would get it cut up for me, he could have half.

He jumped on this offer with relish and verve.

He took the board and I went back to work with the satisfaction that it would come back in a couple of days re sawn.

He went about his business in the shop as well.

About 5 minutes later he came back and gave me my half. He simply took the board over to the drill press and drilled holes into it at the center point, then with a hand saw cut it in half!!

I said;, repeatedly

I then clarified for him what the actual deal was.

In the second picture you will see the drill holes at the end of the board.

Well, he did in fact honor his part of the bargain. and came a couple of days later with sawn up boards.

This is the very same piece of wood that Quite a few MAX replicas are sporting as a fingerboard.

His share is all gone and used up, I still have a few.

This particular board will go on the MPL special.

Factories build guitars for profit, Luthiers build them for players

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