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Re: Epiphone Supernova

The Complete Noel Gallagher (Oasis) Gear Guide| Dolphin Music
Some might say it's a Epiphone Riviera, but they are wrong...the headstock gives the clue: it's a 60's Epiphone Sheraton alright. Unlike the new Sheratons, the 60s version looked very similar to the 60's (and to the most recent) Riviera, as both featured frequensator tailpiece and mini-humbuckers. It was a present from then girlfriend Meg Matthews, and customized by a London luthier.

Maybe most of you realize this, but some might not: It's worth noting that Noel Gallagher's signature guitar, the Epiphone Supernova, is an entirely different thing from the Union Jack guitar he played at Maine Road, and we've found no evidence he's ever played it. He just posed with it. The guitar - excellent as it is, by all accounts - is just an expensive piece of merchandise...and quite different than the original Union Jack guitar: the Supernova has stoptail bridge and humbuckers, as opposed to frequensator and mini-humbuckers, making it closer to the Epiphone Sheraton II or the 70s Epiphone Riviera.

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