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Re: Great excuse, Gibson!

"Delayed shipping" -I smell a rat. I would think a company the size and stature of Gibson that announced a limited edition product for the xmas season that is supposed to REVOLUTIONIZE THE INSTRUMENT would have a very well planned and strategic marketing campaign mapped out to a T. NOT leaving a blank page on the website for days following the announcement, Not letting the CEO insult the brand's core customers, NOT ignoring said customers calls for more QA/less gadgetry, NOT slapping a hideous Pollock-esque finish on a $5500(!!!!) guitar as an after thought, and CERTAINLY NOT ANNOUNCING A RELEASE DATE WHILE THE THING IS STILL IN R&D!!!!!! Good lord, this is a fiasco! It will be interesting to see how history depicts this guitar.

Now, I have no plans on buying one and I doubt I'll even get to try one, but this just feel insulting. Maybe wouldn't be so bad if Henry didn't keep saying that this is better than anything we've ever played and that we're idiots if we don't like it.
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