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Re: New Gibson Firebird! What's your opinion?

WTF? Why would I want this guitar?

A bluetooth guitar? Can I listen to it through my iPhone?

Maybe it's the wives complaining to Gibson

Seems an X-rated Fireturd will cost exactly the same as a LP Standard and a SG Standard combined.. I can hear the marketing dept. talking now...

<fade in>

Exec 1: "So... how do we launch this product without leaving any money on the table?"

Analyst 1: "well, focus groups say that this would replace at least 3 guitars..."

Exec 2: "that means we can price this at $10'000!"

Anaylst 2: "umm.. research shows that a price point that high has too small an uptake"..

Exec 1: "What's the source of your research?"

Analyst 3: "I spent several months trolling on".

Exec 2: "Perfect, so we know the reality of the matter."

Exec 1: "Maybe Bob, but let's look at how we could put spin on this, to get the maximum value out of it.. Let's say it's worth 4 guitars in perceived value."

Analyst 1: "Let me run some excel calculations and charts...... Wait... Ok, 20lbs."

All: "29 pounds?"

Exec 2: "you mean to say people want a heavier guitar?"

Analyst 1: "SORRY... sorry.. that's my weight loss plan..."

<blank stares>

Exec 2: "being a bit optimistic there Roger?"

Analyst 1: "yes.. well, anyway, it seems that we can charge the same amount as the market price of a LP STandard and a SG Standard"..

Exec 1: "Not any more?"

Analyst 2: "No.. you should see the flames we are getting on forums about the costs of our guitars"....

Analyst 1: "and the resistance to "new technologies"..."

<fade to black>.....
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