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  1. talonmm
    talonmm eric ernest
    Hi Eric, nice meeting you today at the Philly show (I could not find you on let me know if you are ever on Long island!
  2. David Vaughan
    David Vaughan
    Thought everyone would like to see a Real Kriss Derrig les Paul built for me in Atlanta.
  3. mudface
    mudface Prometheus
    Hoping for a return,.... we miss you brother......
  4. Buck Woodson
    Buck Woodson Braciola
    I'm interested in your Les Paul 1960 Reissue of still available.

    Buck Woodson 5129148401
  5. gibsfend
    gibsfend sdshirtman
    Thank you for getting back to me. I foolishly purchased my '93 LP Studio with Ebony fingerboard off a CL posting. The neck including the headstock is a different shade of white. There is evidence of a headstock repair. Could I take some good pics (whatever you want to see) of the guitar to see if it is something you would consider repairing and restoring for me? Thanks so much

    Gregory Worth
    Chattanooga, TN
  6. Ben53
    Ben53 Nikki
    Hi Nikki,
    I think I picked up one of the rare Aria ProII PE Phantom
    In my web search your name came up as one who might know a bit more
    I am new to the forum and am not allowed to include web links, but you should be able to construct the link to my shared folder
    https: //1drv<dot>ms/f/s!AoV8eKPXHB8EjpJpCy3kYIj2dDwQVw
    It would be great to hear if you could share some more information on this rare guitar
    Hi Tommy, i was reading your post about adding a cabinet on the Marshall SL5, it is verry impressive!
    I was wondering if you have a sound file with the new set up.
    i have the same amp (SL5) and i am thinking to do the same as you
    Thank you in advance
  8. RayTorvalds
    RayTorvalds AlexDjuran
    There we go :)
  9. Curious George
    Curious George Schofnsteen
    Is that your ORCA (your avatar pic)... STUNNING!!!
  10. Roonerspism
    1968 Custom
  11. jerber55
    jerber55 Alex
    Alex can you send a "Hello" email to
  12. Harmony
    Harmony delawaregold
    Not seen you around for sometime Artie, hope all is well with you and yours
  13. KSG_Standard
    KSG_Standard Alex
    Alex, I'd like to discuss the behavior of one of your moderators. Paruwi acts like a bully and I find his behavior unacceptable. He creates threads and posts as a user, when someone disagrees with him or questions him, he suddenly begins to act as a moderator...either banning people outright or restricting them from his thread.
    1. paruwi
    2. KSG_Standard
      Jul 3, 2018
  14. lupo
    lupo entropy17
    hey, i seen your posts about the aria diamond perhaps if you want to identify it, i can help you.. please let me know more about the history of it. thanks i'm waiting for a your appreciate answer.
  15. bulletproof
    bulletproof jlu52
    Thank you for the kind words regarding my daughter,brother!
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    2. jlu52
      My pleasure, brother John. She's the apple of her dad's eye! All the best, my friend. I'm John as well, bp!
      Jun 30, 2018
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  16. Harmony
    Harmony Hack
    Hey Hack, how's things going in your neck of the wood? How is retirement?
  17. Fred Pantalone
    Fred Pantalone Dougie
    Hi there, I read an old post you made about fixing the neck on an Ovation. Would you be willing to talk to me about that? I've had the same thing happen to my guitar. Thanks! Fred
  18. Lefty Elmo
    Lefty Elmo VictorB
    Hi Victor. Is there going to be a MLP booth at the Philly Show in July?
  19. 27Philip
    I have just recently bought a les paul Epiphone, and I'm not convinced that it is one. And if it isn't. I'd like to know what it is!
  20. edouglaspratt
    "Status"...? Retired, satisfied and tickled too.