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  1. greg berlin
    greg berlin
    DOWN ON BLACK GENERIC FIREWOOD TRASH(people DROP interest)!!USE imagination where its from.
  2. greg berlin
    greg berlin
    WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT? when you open a Guitar case?? ME? is the spirit in the CASE!!!!!!!!!ONLY APPLIES SIG/LE MODALs .
  3. PGguy
    PGguy Jblpplayer
  4. SrDeMaFp
    SrDeMaFp Blue Blood
    Hey, sorry! I wasn’t getting notifications and I don’t visit the board much anymore. Shoot me a text and I’ll get you pics. It’s a lot easier for me to deal through there. Or even FB. Whatever you’d prefer. My # is: 845-699-7305
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    2. Blue Blood
      Blue Blood
      I sent you a text message,
      Thanks Mike !
      Mar 16, 2018 at 3:48 PM
  5. greg berlin
    greg berlin bluesguy
    hey bluesguy!!!!good to hear from ya
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  6. rednefceleb
    Blues player, and rock, standards/club work) lead vocals. Played Filmore west. "The Sanctuary" in 1968 in Tahoe (your area) S. Shore.
  7. greg berlin
    greg berlin rednefceleb
    HEY BUDDIE!! whats up
  8. greg berlin
    greg berlin
    INTO GUITARS FOR HALF A CENTURY!!glad comes the real enjoyment not at 12.
  9. Robert Russell
    Robert Russell Chicken Wing
    Hi Chicken Wing. Do you still have the '60 Johnny B? Regardless, I know it's "history". Shoot me a message.
  10. greg berlin
    greg berlin
    STUDY ON THE EPI-MASTER BUILT,S!!1930S,!!BLOW YOUR MELON HEAD!!gibson was not better a EQUAL!
  11. greg berlin
    greg berlin rednefceleb
    DO THE GREATS$! ever have such thought?? can i see you in the next world and jamm??i care!!
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    2. rednefceleb
      Mar 16, 2018 at 10:00 AM
    3. rednefceleb
      I think you have the rarest of the rare Epis. Your collection is one of a kind. You must be proud. I finally pulled the trigger on a Les Paul, a 1988 ocean turquoise Strat with 21 fret maple neck. I will send you pics. Also Peavey Classic 30 and Drybell 'Vibe one'.
      Mar 16, 2018 at 10:12 AM
  12. greg berlin
    greg berlin rednefceleb
    MANY ELDERLY I SPOKEN TO OVER TIME SAY!!do it doesn,t matter,its your LEGACY!!! ok! SIGH!life is a journey NOT dynasty!!thats LATER!!
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    2. rednefceleb
      Music. Started on drums in '63. Played bass and guitar later on. Easier to sing standing up!
      Mar 16, 2018 at 10:24 AM
  13. greg berlin
    greg berlin rednefceleb
    Blessed are people in showbiz or normal folk,, like US!!whom can leave as part of their will to kids ect or people of interest!! in guitars NO. should have collected purses.
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  14. greg berlin
    greg berlin rednefceleb
    MY problem been into music since 1970 /age 12 only one in family whom cares no kids nieces tons of asain NEICES!YOUR RIGHT N A PICKLE! 20 years it goes take the money or loose some$later with wife not happy about it its a lifetime thing only i guess for me cant afford a DINNER/MUSEUM!!!(i wish) maybe in 20 yers i can open the EPIPHONE DINER!!!
  15. greg berlin
    greg berlin
    THE QUEEN OF NOISE!is now queen of my COLLECTION! A GIBSON!!watching over the EPI,S !INTERESTING.nothings free or EZY! timing is critical .
  16. greg berlin
    greg berlin
    All Les Pauls have a positive side .
  17. Haprom
    Thanks for the Compliment,,, However No Joe Perry Here,,, LOL,,, Its a 59 Historic Makeover By Kim Lafleur...
  18. rednefceleb
    Wow man, you've got more avatars than Heinz has pickles! Jimmy Page is a God!
  19. greg berlin
    greg berlin rednefceleb
    GLAD YOUR AMPED UP ! TODAY HAHAHAH!nice hearing from you,, some good people on this here SITE!!
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  20. greg berlin
    greg berlin rednefceleb
    ALL THAT long neck TENONE,S stuff on my EPI i dont understand fully but it does say in my slash sig 08 about how it was built TO HIS preferences.
    1. rednefceleb
      The long tenon is an extended length neck that goes in a little farther, more solid, maybe, maybe not.
      Mar 16, 2018 at 10:27 AM