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  1. SaxmansLesPaul
  2. Side Burns
    Side Burns Dolebludger
    Hey Dole,

    I dont know if you saw my post on the thread about pop up ads but ive been using the app Norton Ad Blocker and it seems to do the trick on solving all of the You Won ads. I figured I'd let you know.
  3. Sega
  4. jojo
    Play fucking Loud
  5. joens
    joens pinefd
    Hi, I am also interested in one of your stamp kits. Please send details on how I go about getting one.

    Thanks, Joens
  6. swampblues
  7. Plexi70
  8. Plexi70
  9. timgman
    timgman slash@roses
    I have a superb belair man!
  10. gtrmaker
    gtrmaker pinefd
    Hi, I am interested in one of your stamp kits. Please send details on how I go about getting one.

  11. BA-CHEE
    BA-CHEE Hydrasports205
    Please check my posting in the Vintage SG FORUM, for full disclosure and pictures, Thank You.
  12. Dforce10
    Studying to be a luthier
  13. peterjc
    peterjc pillbug
    Hi mate what adjustments can I do to it? I like the tone but it’s just the last bit of sweep where it’s just ridiculously bassy and unusable. It’s the Dunlop Wylde Wah.
  14. rednefceleb
    "When you come to a fork in the road, take it". Yogi Berra.
  15. dmac
    dmac Alex
    HI, Alex. Can you cancel my account please? I rarely come here any more, and when I do it just reinforces that there is too much aggravation, name calling and just plain stupidity to make it worthwhile visiting. Thanks- and good luck.
  16. 59lespaulmann
    This is The Chinese les paul unfinished kit I bought with an actual 5/8 flame Maple top. I did all the parts and color, It was my first.
  17. GreaseBox
    GreaseBox Hyper
    ......... Word...............
    1. Hyper
      Jan 4, 2018
  18. ajay
    ajay paruwi
    I'm through being an idiot. You're probably an OK guy. Just give somebody a break instead of using every trick that You have to shut down someone just because it seems "fun". You took the side of the pricks around here. No discussion. Just, I'm right. You're crazy.
    You know that You did that.
  19. notoperational
  20. ajay
    ajay geetarfreek82
    Hi Noah! I'll take Your Peace Switch Tip.
    My address is on the message You left. Is $20 OK? Thanks, Deryl Johnson