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  1. Stange
    Stange Jumping@shadows
    Greetings! Hope you don't mind me messaging you. I was looking through old threads, looking for information regarding builders who are producing good 59 burst replicas, and found where you'd replied to the gentleman who posted "Who makes the most accurate 59 Burst Replica Les Paul?" Now, I can be quite thick, but I'm guessing that you are a builder?

    Thank you, for your time and your thoughts!
  2. Kev4374
    Kev4374 toejam
    Hey Joe, it’s kevin (veemagic) from the JCf. Do you know what’s going on with the board?

  3. Utmost
    Utmost Mstele97
    I have a line on a real nice 2018 classic. Could you email me pics of your trad? I’ll hit you back with classic pics.

  4. Papa J
    Papa J
    I was looking for a LP Custom, but ran across a Firebird V. It was customized with a roller bridge, MosLike tremelo, and Vox pickups.
  5. Fracture
    on assignment
  6. Radman13
    13 love keep on grooving
  7. jor1958
    Hugo logo
  8. MainAlice
    My brother gifted me a new guitar,Oscar Schmidt OE30B. YAy!
  9. Damon2A
    Damon2A Mr.Paul
    Hello, I'm writing in reference to the Les Paul copy you purchased I'm sorry but I forgot the builder's name. I looked him up it appears that he builds a incredible L.P copy for approximately $3 k us which seems like a good buy. Do you like yours ? Thanks !
  10. joeguitaro
    joeguitaro Natima
    Are you in the US?
    1. Natima
      Yes I'm in Oregon.
      Feb 5, 2019
  11. aerochris
    aerochris bobhfd81
    Hi. I just wanted to check in again and see if you were interested in selling your Spoonful or know of any available. Thank you. Chris
  12. THDNUT
    THDNUT Pete M
    So, thanks for your like of my sarcastic comment. Nobody else seemed to get it. I don't even own a Bugera but I've heard they are not very reliable. I did play through one while trying out an R9 which I ended up buying. The amp sounded great. My apologies if you own a Bugera and love it.
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  13. RichBrew
    RichBrew Roberteaux
  14. RichBrew
    RichBrew Roberteaux
    Thank you for your comments on the thread about The Who. I was quite touched by it, and to be honest, I think you might have saved me.
    There are times when a solitary voice is enough to change ones thoughts and feelings, and I think this is one of them.
    In the words of Mr. Townshend: I'll pick up my guitar and play.

    Thank you - you are a class act, yourself. :-)
  15. Jack S.
  16. cmsaw83
    How do I post a thread on here?
  17. FiZics
    Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin
  18. pelliswolf
    pelliswolf Trogly
    Hi Trogly. I'm new to this forum and I'm also one of your subscribers on your YouTube channel. I'm glad I found you on this forum and you see to have a great deal of knowledge about Gibson. Could I pick your brain for a bit?
  19. schpaybo
  20. MickMcG
    Former Custom Shop Painter/Designer