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  1. kaputme
    kaputme villager
    I am new to this MIJ Lespauls. Just read your article from the magazine, and had to say that it was great and inspiring.
    I have Tokai Ls1R9 and a Greco EG59-45 and another Tokai in the pipeline love these more than my only Gibson left for the name sake, that i sold my Gibson 2011 and 2016 standard tfund more MIJ's and now looking for more.
    Hopefully i can buy something nice from your website soon.
  2. faux pas
    faux pas MikeyIdol
    I’m interested in one the the red rocket LPs. How do I get the best price?

    Thanks- Bryan
  3. D-Badger
    This is one of my favorites. It’s on page 58 of the “Beauty of the Burst” book. 30 were made this a serial number 015.
  4. Dauminator
  5. lee careswell
  6. Neffco
  7. bhmcintosh
    The carpet is plush!
  8. Haprom
    Haprom J50315
    Hi Joe, Do you still have the Hog Goldtop available? Regards,Bob...
  9. Crotch
    Crotch DarrellV
    Where you at D-V?
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  10. dickjonesify
    dickjonesify Barnaby
    Barn! Where’s all your old build threads, buddy?
    1. Barnaby
      I don't know! Someone told me that the links don't work anymore. Also, I used Photobucket for images - I think they're all gone too.
      Jan 4, 2019
    2. dickjonesify
      So I just noticed... mine is the same way. If I search for my thread by title, I found it and it’s still there. But if I go to my profile page and click “show all threads by dickjonesify”, there are no results.

      So hopefully your thread is still...somewhere haha. Done know about the pics, though :/
      Jan 6, 2019
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  11. TVBob
    Communication Breakdown
  12. Alex Dovnar
  13. eborej
    eborej Fenderbendr
    Hi, if you're looking for vintage MIJ then I have a 1984 Greco Mint Collection (possibly a EG59-70 with tobacco burst plain 2 piece maple top) in good condition with a period correct hard case or a 1984 Tokai LS-60 Love Rock with cherry red sunburst flame top in excellent condition with a period correct hard case. Let me know if you'd like pictures. Thanks, Ed
    1. Fenderbendr
      Cool, if you could tell me more about them and pm me some pics, I’d love to check them out.
      Jan 3, 2019
  14. TheWilly17
    TheWilly17 Fenderbendr
    Hey there, I have a 2017 Tokai LS122 in Black. Let me know if you are interested.
    1. Fenderbendr
      Not really interested in a black one, but thanks for the offer.
      Jan 3, 2019
  15. NewplayerLP
    NewplayerLP Zakmichael
    I to located in Tampa, Fl
  16. NewplayerLP
    NewplayerLP Zakmichael
    I currently have acquired the 1959 Dave Carpenter "Real Feel" RF1 you previously owned and am curious if you know where the original pickups are? I have all the other original electronics except the pickups. Any chance of location?
  17. cjdichiara
    cjdichiara Alex Dovnar
    Hi Alex. Are the Silkcreens available? (Les Paul Model)
    1. Alex Dovnar
      Alex Dovnar
      Yes. Available: LesPaul Model, LesPaul Junior. Under the order - special and TV (2-3 days manufacturing) One frame 65$ with shipping. Paypal:
      Jan 3, 2019
  18. Tim Fezziwig
    Tim Fezziwig DarrellV
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  19. ASG
    ASG ReverendJWblues
    Hey Rev are you still picking' man? Hope you are well!
  20. Gold Tone