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  1. FabGearHead
    FabGearHead Alex Dovnar
    Hi Alex! How can I order your stamp set?
  2. greg berlin
  3. RAG7890
    RAG7890 rednefceleb
    Thanks for the message Paul. Enjoy all the photos...............loads of memories there.

    The Avatar Pic is very cool / funny. I'll see if I can get some background on how they did it.

    Cheers, Rudi
  4. rednefceleb
    rednefceleb RAG7890
    I copied the photo. It's very unique. Thanks for the offer to send. I'm glad I went to your 'back pages'. Now I'v got 182 pics to see from your 'Media'. "Amongst Mad Men" = a good band name. Later, Paul D.
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  5. esecnarf
    esecnarf Zakmichael
    Historic with Bumble Bees ......Sold for $30.00...
    Please send me paypal address where to send money...

  6. GemDandy
    GemDandy oldschoolnew$$$
    Hi, Mr. oldschool, I have same ax that is in great shape, pots indicate this LE was produced
    the 33rd week of 72. The frets are stock. I will be selling mine at some point, but wanted to know if you were impressed with your bb purchase. I'm a drummer, I've heard a lot about these, but know very little about them. Thanx for any reply, Gem.
  7. lunchbox
    lunchbox kevinpaul
    RIP, brother. You'll be sorely missed.
  8. Chris Williams
    Chris Williams Kris Ford
    Repairing tarback gibson Vll pickups
  9. cherrysunburst00
    cherrysunburst00 uncajoey
    Wowsers on your Classics
  10. Nethan Paul
    Nethan Paul
    I am on cloud number 9
  11. lakeburst
    lakeburst paulabert
    Very cute vid in your status msg, fits you perfectly ;-) :-*
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    2. paulabert
      :-* you know where.
      Nov 11, 2018
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  12. Ben-jamin De Tedula
  13. chrisalchin
    chrisalchin The Thruth
    Hi there I saw your thread extreme make over. I want to add binding to my epiphone dot fretboard any chance you could please tell me how you cut the channels on the fretboard? Thank you so much
  14. Gladiator
    Gladiator avatar2100
    Augustin Apostol (Antonio guitars) To make a long story short, this was one of my best purchases ever the Gladiator Explorer! This guy knows how to make guitars that are really top class guitars, optically and the playability is superior! if you want to find or build a class guitar, go to Augustin Apostol (Antonio guitars)
  15. Blind Willie
    Blind Willie
    delete account
  16. paulabert
  17. paulabert
  18. paruwi
    paruwi hoss
    Alles Gute zum 50sten !
    1. hoss
      Danke, auch hier :)
      Nov 3, 2018
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  19. Jp267
    Trying to get my mojo working.
  20. Ray Koziol
    Ray Koziol ExNihilo
    Hi Ex, I loved watching your youtube video on carving a LP top using your templates. Thank you for sharing. Would you happen to have a 3D model of your LP that you would be willing to share or I would be willing to purchase from you. I have been unable to model one in Solidworks and your bodies are the best! Thanks in advance