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Gibson Updates Prices and Features on 2015 Guitars

gibson-guitar-2015The Gibson USA Guitar Company plans to make some updates and price increases to its guitar lineup. Most noteable among the price increases is the MAP (manufacturer advertised price) for the 2015 Les Paul Standard, which is priced at $3879, roughly 29 percent higher than the 2014 equivalent, which was priced at $2999.

Gibson is also planning to reduce the number of guitar models in its lineup, and will be discontinuing several finishes and options on the Les Paul Standard and other guitars. Gibson guitars featuring Satin Finish have been dropped, which means less expensive models such as the Les Paul Faded will no longer be available.

The Min-ETune auto tuning system, now called “G-Force”, will be available as a standard feature on most models. All 2015 Les Paul guitars will feature a special logo to commemorate the 100th birthday of Les Paul himself; and a removable Les Paul Pick guard which requires no screws. As for the specs for the new lineup, Gibson plans to increase neck width and upgrade the nut to a brass “Zero Fret Nut”. All models will now also feature Pearloid Inlays and a thicker fingerboard – made from a piece of rosewood that is sanded, buffed, and then treated with an oil for smoother playability.

The recent updates to Gibson’s lineup represents what is perhaps their most drastic change in the last few years. Though it is not unusual for Gibson to change their specs, prices, and features, it will be interesting to see how their new updates will affect the used market. There is likely to be a spike in prices on used Les Paul Standards and SG sooner than later, along with a rush to snap up any remaining 2014 models. Fortunately, consumers should still be able to find tons of great deals on Gibson guitars before the 2014 lineup goes out and the 2015 models are introduced.

The Black Burst

1960-black-burstBack in 1959 this dude could not afford a Black Beauty, so what does he do? He contacts Gibson and has his LP Standard painted black! Member CDaughtry was nice enough to share with us pictures and video of this one of a kind beauty.

Joe Bonamassa Skinner Burst Prototype

skinnerburst_protoJoe Bonamassa’s guitar tech, Mike Hickey, confirmed that Joe is currently testing out an official prototype for the Gibson Collector’s Choice Skinner Burst replica, which is a 1959 Gibson Les Paul that he owns, before it goes into production later this year. It will be a limited reissue and painted by Tom Murphy. “It’s working out great, it has great sustain, and it’s a really great guitar”, said Mike Hickey.

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Vintage Black Beauty Porn

60custom_danelectroWe love the way 50′s Black Beauties sound — fat, warm and sweet! So, we asked our members, who own a vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom from 1954-1969, to post pictures of their guitar here.

A 1959 Burst. What else?

1959burst_jeanchristopheMember ‘Jean Christophe’ flew from France to Los Angeles to purchase this beautiful 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard. What a lucky guy! Click here for more pictures and info. Down 3 Days & Counting

amazon_awsThe reason has been offline for 3 days so far, is because they are hosted with Web Services (AWS), which is currently suffering network latency and connectivity errors that started in the morning of April 21st. More specifically, Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service and its Relational Database Service are down.

There were a few brief outages in the past, but this is probably the first time AWS was down for the longest. Too bad, as well as other big sites, are suffering some serious downtime, not to mention losing potential customers as well.

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Update: seems to be back online since around 4 AM EST today (04/24). No official announcement from Gibson as to what happened yet.

Member Ages His R8 Les Paul

nicolasriver_r8_agedEver wanted to age your Les Paul but don’t want to wait 10 years or so for that to happen? Instead of playing the crap out of his guitar and letting time do the aging, member nicolasrivera spent only 8 hours trying to age his Historic Les Paul and it turned out really well and realistic!

“Having free time this past Sunday I woke up with one thing in mind, age the sides and back of my R8. I can’t deny what I am, a relic freak and knowing that my R8 with its NOT VINTAGE CORRECT lacquer would not age within the next 5 years. Having already 10 year on her I said I will do my best to speed time up in just one day of work. Well, actually 8 hours of work.”

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Naked 1956 Les Paul Beauty

naked_56gtMember pinefd picked up this gorgeous naked 1956 Les Paul at the Philly Show several months ago. The finish was stripped at one point, showing its mildly flamed three-piece top!

“Well, after diving head-first into the Historic world almost seven years ago, I finally decided to see what all this vintage love was all about. Now, having purchased three vintage Les Pauls over the past four months, I think I’m finally starting to “get it”. Two of my three recent acquisitions are shown below.

This ’56 I picked up at the Philly show a couple of weeks ago, at a very reasonable price. And for those of you who may have been at the show, no it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of…it’s not the one with the center seam, and a wax finish on the top, at an asking price in the mid $30Ks. The one I got was a walk-in that was seen by only a handful of people, including (fortunately) me. It made it as far as the first booth in the show, before being spotted by my buddy Fred (59gibson), who knew I was looking for something like this…thanks Fred!”

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