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Want to sell your vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar (1952-1960), but don't know how much it's worth?

Have your Les Paul guitar appraised by vintage experts at The free appraisal process is simple and effective. Just answer the questions below, upload some photos, and send us an email (email address at bottom).

1.) What is your first name?
2.) What is the Les Paul serial number? (stamped back of headstock, if any)
3.) Any modifications/touchups/overspray done on the guitar?
4.) Any repairs, damage or issues (past or present)?
5.) Any additional comments?

Please upload a front body photo, back body photo, front headstock photo, and back headstock photo. The higher the picture quality, the better. Then send us the email to the following email address, and we'll get back to you with an appraisal for your vintage Les Paul guitar:


Example Photos:


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