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I grabbed this Melody Maker Explorer from the forum classifieds last month. I still find it hard to believe that I paid only $275 for this guitar including the soft case. I received the guitar in stock condition which is a pretty basic feature-wise. This guitar is just begging to be modded, and considering the price paid I figured its a no-brainer.



I've been wanting an R8 and have run across 3 that I like about equally (can't play them before buying). The 97 has 57 Classics, newer ones Custom Buckers. I want a real workhorse, one that I can gig the hell out of and that will take any abuse I give it. Do you have an opinion on which year I might lean?
A year ago I built my Burst Replica. Guitar turned out to be a great player. In my eyes it's perfect but there are imperfections. Don't forgot a 23 year old kid built this inside a garage. Here are the details...
There's a purple flame LP on fleabay... gotta say I've NEVER seen a Gibson with this kinda inlay, and the binding looks weird, and the headstock doesn't look right. But I'm no expert, figured I'd ask you guys are ARE experts.
So a combination of opportunity, impulsiveness and just a bit of odd timing will result in the acquisition of 3 new Les Pauls over the next few weeks/months. How will I be able to play and enjoy all of these?? I will now have 4 LPs.

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Finally, time to start building a Les Paul. I have waited this for years. So, I have now purchased lumber, some of the hardware, finishing supplies etc. I'll post pictures as i make progress.
Guys, post up pics of the most beautiful LP (to you)! Doesn't matter if they're flame tops, quilts, solid color, whatever, as long as its an LP. It can be yours or someone you know, or just a random pic from the web... Let's see what you've got!
Just one example from the countless similar descriptions about a '50s Les Paul:

"...has more natural resonance than any humbucker-equipped Les Paul I’ve played (...) Beneath the chimey, crisp treble, there’s a hollow woodiness that could fool you into thinking it’s a chambered body – if it weren’t for the astonishing solidbody sustain."

Is it true that the '50s Lesters are much more resonant than the current examples in general? Are they really as loud acoustically as the chambered USA Standards or Cloud 9 Historics? Or is it all just a myth?
There are lots of threads describing what a PAF is, how it should be built, metallurgy, butyrate this, PE that, hand wound, scatter wound, who builds the best clone, etc, but what is the quintessential sound to you? How would you describe it?
I'll start with my two. Both are R8s.