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What years are the best for big, fat, baseball bat, telephone pole, fat, fat, necks on Historic Reissues?

I know the general rule of thumb with R7s and R8s having generally bigger necks... but I'm looking for what years have been know to have some tree-trunk like necks. I've had good luck with R7s and R8s from 2001-2003... any other years to look for?

I recently found out an old band mate of mine had passed.
We played in a band called Cherokee Rose. I was lucky enough to get his
1981 Custom. All original and lovingly played.
RIP Wylie. One of the best guys.
Just got this guitar back from Dave yesterday and finished putting it together. Started out as a '57 goldtop that I bought from Greg Germino. We wanted to do something different so we decided to do a '58 aged black standard. It got the full treatment including a Brazilian board.

I am currently waiting for a 1980 Les Paul Custom to arrive.
One of the previous owners has sanded it down, oiled it and put on bee wax.


Now it looks like a regular natural LPC. As I understand, it was once white/vintage white.
How much will this affect the value of this guitar? I got it on the cheap side, so no worries, just wondering, in case I do not like it and want to pass it along.

Will post up some pics when it gets here :)
I just ran across this on youtube and thought some may find it helpful, or at least, entertaining. I'm a Joe Walsh fan anyway. Enjoy.
Rumor from a very reliable source.

From what I was told, unless someone talks some sense into Henry, supposedly he's discontinuing the Reissue series and not allowing the Custom Shop to build Reissue guitars at this time.