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[​IMG] One of the big dealers has a fine looking '59 true historic for sale, and I have serious GAS for one. Is it worth $7,999.00? I can't justify it no matter how hard I try.
[​IMG] This morning I went to GC with GTF (Gold Top Fever), and played a 2017 Classic gold top. First, let me say, the fit & finish were remarkable. But the FB was downright awful!
[​IMG] I am taking a 2014 Melody Maker and doing a conversion to a single pickup, Black Custom. I will post pics and stuff.
[​IMG] I mentioned the Flying V being listed for sale. She said, "you don't have a flying V." She's clearly losing it, but this does explain why she has 53 pairs of shoes.
[​IMG] This may not be news to many, but there's this Gibson offshoot called Maestro guitars and they are available for basically $200 and less at Walmart and Guitar Center. I wonder if these semi-Gibsons will be the collectible guitars of the future like the old Sears brand stuff you could get years ago?
[​IMG] In almost fifteen years of playing, and of idolizing many Les Paul players, I've never played a Gibson.
[​IMG] "The Court found that Guitars in question cannot be deemed identical or substantially indistinguishable from each other."
[​IMG] As a grown man, how are you able to do this? I couldn't be like "time to play Katie." C'mon people.
[​IMG] It's the Limited Edition (300 worldwide) the Custom Shop did, with 1 single piece body with no wheight relief (9.9Lbs of goodness!), long tenon, grovers and all typical Black Beauty appointments.