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[​IMG] This one is pretty cool. You can hang on the straight B pentatonic/blues/minor scales. Also there is a II V I turnaround in there you can try to play over.
[​IMG] What a great party! Barn bash/corn roast. Bonfire outside. Sky is littered with a gazillion stars. Inside the barn, two great bands! Bleachers crafted out of hay bales.
[​IMG] I have had such bad luck with Gibson pots. I have had three Les Paul Customs (two new) in the past few years and they all had scratchy pots.
[​IMG] I don't know how long it'll be up but I was looking for sheet music for a student and found really good, clean scans of the first 5 albums, all the guitar work. Enjoy!
The member wants this restored to the original white, while preserving the finish on the face of the headstock, and then given the a little bit of the aging treatment to match the headstock and make it look its age.
I don't like Nashville bridges and replace them with ABR1 bridges on every Gibson guitar I get. Here are two ways that Gibson F's up your ABR1 before it even gets to you.
I was selling a Gibson bass to some dude and we ended up talking about guitars for a bit. He mentioned he took a tour of the Gibson factory not too long ago.
I'm in Canada and this is a US only model. Zzounds had them new for $1169 and blems for $999. I asked what was considered a blem. They said cosmetic only. Anything into the finish is considered "scratch & dent" and is discounted more heavily. I ordered a blem.

Being in Canada, I had it shipped to the UPS Store just over the border about an hour away. I drove down today to pick it up and the the box was pretty beat up. It turns out it was double boxed with the Gibson box inside this one...

After opening the inner Gibson box, I noticed the bottom of the case was a bit "puckered out" right at the very bottom.

The guitar was perfect except for a finish crack at the neck joint on the treble side (bass side is fine).
Wow. I like him, and his music, but seriously Gibson. LOL. Even I will admit this is a bit of a stretch.

"Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has been named Global Brand Ambassador for Gibson, the company announced on Aug. 15. He is the first to receive the designation in the guitar maker’s 100-plus year history.

As part of the new role, Slash will develop new products for the Gibson Custom, Gibson, and Epiphone lines. The musician has been aligned with the company for the last three decades."
The back of my R9's neck can get gritty/sticky a bit and I heard that polishing it will get rid of that. I had cleaned it and used some polish, but it always came back and still had that soft, waxy feel to it. Well I got me some Gibson Luthier's Choice Hi-Gloss Polish in a bundle on sale, so I thought I'd give'r a shot. WOW! It removed all the "gunk" and brought it to a nice, smooth, hard shine. Two weeks on and no grit or stickiness. But if it ever does, it's getting another buff with the stuff.