Gibson Updates Prices and Features on 2015 Guitars

gibson-guitar-2015The Gibson USA Guitar Company plans to make some updates and price increases to its guitar lineup. Most noteable among the price increases is the MAP (manufacturer advertised price) for the 2015 Les Paul Standard, which is priced at $3879, roughly 29 percent higher than the 2014 equivalent, which was priced at $2999.

Gibson is also planning to reduce the number of guitar models in its lineup, and will be discontinuing several finishes and options on the Les Paul Standard and other guitars. Gibson guitars featuring Satin Finish have been dropped, which means less expensive models such as the Les Paul Faded will no longer be available.

The Min-ETune auto tuning system, now called “G-Force”, will be available as a standard feature on most models. All 2015 Les Paul guitars will feature a special logo to commemorate the 100th birthday of Les Paul himself; and a removable Les Paul Pick guard which requires no screws. As for the specs for the new lineup, Gibson plans to increase neck width and upgrade the nut to a brass “Zero Fret Nut”. All models will now also feature Pearloid Inlays and a thicker fingerboard – made from a piece of rosewood that is sanded, buffed, and then treated with an oil for smoother playability.

The recent updates to Gibson’s lineup represents what is perhaps their most drastic change in the last few years. Though it is not unusual for Gibson to change their specs, prices, and features, it will be interesting to see how their new updates will affect the used market. There is likely to be a spike in prices on used Les Paul Standards and SG sooner than later, along with a rush to snap up any remaining 2014 models. Fortunately, consumers should still be able to find tons of great deals on Gibson guitars before the 2014 lineup goes out and the 2015 models are introduced.

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