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Gibson’s Revolutionary Firebird X

firebirdxGibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz announced the new Revolutionary Firebird X in New York City earlier today. “This is new. This is different. This is revolution,” he said to the press, fans and celebrities in attendance.

The guitar is chambered and weighs about 2.3 lbs. MSRP is $5,570. Comes with vinyl case with tweed/brown accents.

When fellow members of MyLesPaul learned of the new Firebird X, not many were impressed about it. As of this writing, poll shows that out of 200 members that voted, 64.50% said they didn’t like it. Failbird X?

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MLP Meet: 2nd Annual Philly Guitar Show

mlpmeet_2ndMembers of MyLesPaul will meet  next month on November 20 and 21 at the Great American Guitar Show in King of Prussia, PA. There will be a  MLP Booth available for members to meet others and display their Les Paul guitars.

Thanks to Bee-3Grinning Elk, and our fellow forum brother DelawareGold, for making this possible.

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Slash: Derrig vs Max

slash_derrigHave you ever wondered what guitar Slash used to record the AFD album, or played in the ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ video? It wasn’t exactly a Gibson, it was a 1959 Les Paul replica made by the late luthier Chris Derrig. Or was it made by Peter ‘Max’ Baranet?

We can debate all day long, but one thing we can agree on, is that the AFD tone is sweeeeet!

MLP Member, Flickoflash, tells the story here.

Randy Rhoads Les Paul Custom


Randy Rhoads is, no doubt, one of the brightest stars in the metal-guitar scene. Gibson recently introduced the Randy Rhoads Les Paul Custom reissue to honor his achievement.

As many of you know, a Les Paul Custom in white will turn yellowish after a while. So, the Gibson artisans have worked hard to reproduce that rich amber color of Randy’s original 1974 Les Paul guitar.

One hundred of these reissues will be hand-aged to match the playing wear and road abuse experienced by Randy Rhoads, while another 200 will be in VOS (Vintage Original Spec).

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