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Happy 94th Birthday, Les Paul

Any way you look at it, Les Paul is a living legend.

Better yet, Lester William Polsfuss (later changed to Lester Polsfuss, and then Les Paul) is a national treasure like no other. He’s a rare, class-act-of-a man that comes around once in a lifetime, and anyone who has the pleasure of being in his presence is a better person for it.

At the tender, young age of 94 – which he celebrates today – the incomparable Les Paul is still as amazing as the legacy he continues to grow with every passing year. Of course, he is best known for inventing the modern solid body electric guitar – a glorious instrument that still bears his name today. And he was also the first person to utilize multi-track recording in a studio. Can anyone even begin to imagine where our industry would be today if it wasn’t for these two genius inventions? We sure can’t, and we don’t think you can either. more