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eBay Ad: 1952 Gibson Les Paul NOT For Sale

This is a 1952 Gibson Les Paul .It is my guitar. It will always be my guitar. It is not for sale. Your money is worth nothing, people, wake up! You lazy, skepticle bstrds, trying to make big money on fast turn arounds can all eat sht and die!. Get a job! There are people that will work their whole life away, just to try to acquire an instrument like this, and I get to play it everyday. Doesn’t seem fair, does it. The only way you will ever see this guitar, is to buy a ticket, like everyone else, and watch me wear the frets off it. Or, you can hire me for a night ( I’m a sideman, currently working with 6 bands) You see, I work for a living, I make my money with my hands. I’m playing it right now, while your reading this. I will leave this for my grandkids, along with my guns, which like this guitar, they’ll have to pry from my cold, dead, fingers. pick on. read more

10 Love Songs That Could End Your Relationship

The list of “___ Worst Love Songs” comes up every so often both on the internet and in actual print, and one would think there’s nothing left to say. Well, this time we’re going to do things slightly differently. This list will be comprised of love songs (good and bad) that if you tried to designate one of them as “our song” with your girlfriend, that action would become your last as a couple. You would be dumped on the spot…. read more

Les Paul Tells How He Reinvented Music and What’s Next

On the phone from his home in Mahwah, N.J., the 92-year-old legendary inventor/musician Les Paul is brilliantly focused, full of ideas, healthy despite years of crippling arthritis, brimming with energy and not about to quit his inventing ways. What’s his next project? Read on — you might need it someday… read more

Gibson Guitar Introduces the Inspired By John Lennon Les Paul Jr.

Gibson Guitar’s Custom Shop has introduced the latest addition to its Inspired By series of guitars, a Les Paul Junior created to reflect the modifications and aging of the instrument owned by John Lennon and played by him on August 30, 1972, at the Madison Square Garden concert to benefit the One to One Organization… read more

How to Spot a Fake Les Paul: Tips from Gibson

Last year, 15-year-old Jonathan Jakubowski of Cary, North Carolina emptied out his savings account to purchase a Les Paul he found advertised in the local newspaper. Of his decision to buy a Gibson, Jakubowski explains, “Eric Clapton is my main influence, and he played Les Pauls for a long time.” Intending to purchase the advertised Les Paul Standard, Jonathan and his father visited the seller at his house, where they were persuaded instead to purchasene Organization… read more

100 Days That Changed Music Forever

Subtract the following 2,400 hours from history and you’d have no mp3s, no LSD, no hip–hop, no soul–sucking corporate rock — actually, can we erase that last one? Blender presents the most earth–shakingly important days in music, ever… read more

Guitar Center to Be Bought by Bain for $1.9 Billion

Guitar Center Inc., the largest U.S. retailer of musical instruments, agreed to be bought by Bain Capital Partners LLC for $1.9 billion. Bain will pay $63 a share in cash, Guitar Center said today in a statement, 26 percent more than the stock’s closing price yesterday. The buyout firm will also assume Guitar Center’s debt, bringing the total transaction value to $2.1 billion… read more

Gibson Guitar Sponsors Chicago Blues Festival

Gibson Guitar, the world’s premiere musical instrument maker and leader in music technology announced their partnership with the 24th edition of the Chicago Blues Festival in Grant Park. The Chicago Blues Festival, which takes place June 7-10, 2007, is the world’s largest free admission festival of its kind, attracting thousands of fans to Chicago’s lakefront Grant Park. The festival features six stages and almost 100 sets, featuring local, national and international performers… read more