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The recent 2017 Historic NGD posts made me think about what a weird year 2017 was for Gibson Historics:
  • They’re all officially called Custom Shop Les Paul Standards
  • No Year designations in the COA, but R_ in the control cavity, and the first digit in the serial number indicate the model year
  • Some were “leftovers” from 2016
  • Some were repurposed CC’s
  • Most had True Historic plastics and pickup covers (sounds like a few didn’t)
  • Some say the R6-R9 neck profiles are all based on a 59 neck profile; others disagree. But clearly the 57 and 58s were nowhere near as thick as previous years
  • Some had the gap between the fretboard and neck pickup - some didn’t
  • Some were ordered as “light backs”
  • There were “plaintops” that we’re super flamey
  • I think most agree that they were all special order runs from dealers
  • They were never acknowledged on
  • I don’t know if there were finishes that were only used in 2017 and not in previous years.
I’m pretty sure I got one of the first batch of the year and I’m curious who has an earlier one and who has the last of the 2017s. Maybe they’re still at Wildwood, HOG, or Breaze. Do we have anything like a registry? I’ve seen this on other forum and you don’t have to disclose the full number, if concerned about security.

Here’s mine:

8 719X
Dirty Lemon
59 neck profile

4ACB1528-2C2A-4EBB-B289-FC7E5F625115.jpeg 8F067B1D-1E94-49E0-A0DA-CCBFAF7E6364.jpeg
Company faces big debt deadlines; CFO exits after less than a year. “Some type of restructuring will be necessary,” Cassidy said. “The core business is a very stable business, and a sustainable one. But you have a balance sheet problem and an operational problem."
I know there are other, older threads, but a friend and I went into a long discussion about it last night and I think we hit some good points and came up with a reasonable answer.
I've heard different stories about that smell... Ooh ooh, that smeeeeeelllll!
I went on Reverb looking to buy an amp for my son. Saw one I thought that my son would like. I asked a few questions--has the amp ever been repaired, are you the original owner, etc. The seller sent a reply- are you a buyer or a questioner?
My house burned down last year. Managed to pull this out and a few others but I didn't have the heart to really get into it till now. So I decided to grab the least burned of my Les Paul's and see if I could restore it to player.
As you probably know, I’ve done quite a bit of guitar building and painting, but I’ve never aged a guitar. And although I like a nice relic job, it’s something I don’t expect to do much of myself.
Post a few of your favorite vintage guitar photos from your collection in a NEW thread. All vintage photos of your special and most cherished guitars are welcome. I can't wait to see what everyone posts honestly!
Detlef is the person who sells you a refinished '58 burst (that later on turns out to be a refinished '58 Goldtop within 1 minute of Eric Ernest looking at it) telling you it's all original and even writing authentication & cites papers about it, later on at home you realize the cream M69 rings are DMC.
I thought it would be fun to see how close the CC is to the Original it's made to copy. On mine the flame is real close but the color not so much (it could be the lighting and camera of course).
Based on your experience, would you guys say that MTM get more attention and therefore are more consistent in quality than the semi-mass-production regular Historics?